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Monopoly Game Tips And Tricks, Secrets, Cheats, Strategy

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I am sure almost every kid has heard about a board game called monopoly. It is a 4 player (max) game and is  highly addictive. You would never know how the time would pass when you start playing this game. As you get more and more addicted to it, I am sure that many of you would start hunting for some new tips and tricks, better winning strategies or if possible some cheats also.

I have been playing this game since ages. I have played monopoly - the actual board game , and also the online version, the computer version and the android version of it. And trust me, I loved all of them.
Over a period of time, I have gained a lot of experience while playing this game., especially the computer and the android version. So, I will be telling you some strategies that will surely help you in winning the game as quickly as possible.

Monopoly Computer Game

Monopoly Winning Strategies , Tips And Tricks

Now, as we all know the main aim of the game is to own all the properties and boot out the other players from the game. In fact, that is how you finish the monopoly game.
 Now, if you are talking about the board game, there are different versions of it, but at the end of the day, all are the same. Just old wine in a new bottle. The game remains the same. My version is from the parker brothers.

Look at the below picture. I have completed the game ( expert level)  within 13.49 minutes by using the below methods successfully. I have completed the game even more quickly using absolutely NO cheats at all. See the images at the end.
Win Monopoly Everytime

Monopoly Game Strategy

  • Most of the people think that the way to win this game is by owning all properties and buy every property that comes in your way. Well, this is absolutely true, but the strategy is common and is not nice. I would say buy only the right properties.
  • The key and the most important point that you have to follow is that you should end up having all the houses in a particular color as quickly as possible, and more importantly , much much faster than any of your opponents. This is possible only by trading since it would be practically impossible to land on all the plots of the same color in successive turns. 
  • When I play the game, I have two favorite colors. Orange Plots and the Light Blue plots. It is not because that I like these colors , but because these are few of the most landed properties, they are cheap to buy and cheap to build houses and hotels on..Look at the below figure, I target only the cheap ones but buy the costly ones only for the purpose of trading.
Monopoly Strategy
  • Your most important weapon in the game should be the TRADE option. 
  • I know it may sound stupid to trade a property like broadwalk ( the costliest plot) for something that is half of its price or even less. Or at least that is what your opponents would think. If you are playing a computer opponent you can easily trade the costlier ones for the blue or the orange plots. But this is the most important strategy of the game. Trade costlier plots for the blue or the orange plots.
  • The Green Plots and the Dark Blue plots are not only costly to purchase but also very expensive to build houses and hotels on. 
  • See the above image for the strategy that I always follow
  • Once you have all the plots in the same color, build houses and hotels on them .Most of the times, I target the blue plots. Orange is my second option. This is because blue plots are way cheaper to buy and build hotels on. And also, It is very easy to trade some costlier plots for the light blue ones. So, you would end up having all the plots in the same color very easily by trading them for a costlier plot.
  • Please remember, that the above step should be implemented as early as possible in the game. This is because , your opponents or the computer , whatever the case may be, would be concentrating on buying properties in the initial rounds. You should concentrate on building hotels.
  • One of the reasons I also concentrate on the Orange properties is that it is in the same line as that of the Jail Slot.So, as soon as people come out of the jail, there are lots of chances that they are going to end up on orange plots.
  • It does not matter if you have less money after building hotels, or it does not matter if you do not have sufficient money to buy more properties.You main aim should only be to get a monopoly ( i,e have all the plots in the same color)
  •  If you land at  empty slots and if you do not have the sufficient funds, do not mortgage your current properties, but start an auction. This way your opponents will start bidding and usually will end up buying for more than the normal price.So, your opponents bank balance also decreases which is a plus point for you.
  • Do not worry about the bank balance , but see to it that you would have funds at least to pay the rents when you land at some one else's property.
  • So, if you have hotels in the 1st or 2nd round itself you are at great advantage. Your opponents will have to pay the hotel rents to you if they land up in your hotels. Since the game is still in initial stages, they would not be having sufficient money to buy all the other empty plots. They would start an auction and you can buy those properties for way less price than the actual price.
  • In my opinion , property like electrical works and water works are waste of your initial funds. It is better either to have both the properties or not have even one. This is because the rent you will receive if you have both these properties will be 10 times of the dice number, otherwise it will be only 4 times , and therefore, it is a waste of money. So, if you have one utility, try to get the other one also. But if someone else has the other utility , then trade your current utility for some other property.
  • The above principle holds good for the Railway properties also. There is no point in having only one railway property. It is always better to have more than two. , but if you cant have more than two, use them for trading for properties.
  • If you are sent to jail, do not hesitate to post a bail and get out of the jail. Being out is far more beneficial in the initial stages than being in the jail.
Look at the below figure, by using the same above methods, I have finished the game (expert level) with in 11 minutes or so.
Monopoly Tricks

Monopoly Tips

 Does A Monopoly Game Cheat Exist ? 

Well, as far as I am concerned , any kind of cheats would spoil the beauty of the game. 

If you are playing the board game version, then play the banker. This gives you a chance to flick some notes :).

But if you are playing the computer version of the game ( and same version that I have) , then there is a trick to roll doubles most of the times. I am not saying that you will end up rolling doubles every time, but after a bit of some experience , I m sure that the number of your doubles will surely increase by using my method.

When it is your chance to play, then you will have to click on Roll Dice option to roll the dice.
Now, what you will have to do is that click on the roll dice button but do not leave the mouse button until the number 2 corresponds to the yellow edge of the card. In other words, leave the mouse button only when the yellow edge of the card and the number 2 are in straight line. 
See the image to understand better 
Monopoly Cheats

Use my above methods, and I m sure that you are going to win almost every time you play.

Feel free to leave behind any comments in the comments section

Cheers !!!!!

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