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Repair Windows XP without Installation CD Disk

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Windows Xp is still among the favorite choices of many people as far as operating system is concerned. Of course, windows 7, vista, 8 are supposed to be more advanced and user friendly, but still windows xp has not lost its position. Unfortunately , the company has stopped providing any kind of back office support for the windows xp users. So, technically, windows xp should have been dead.

Of course, that did not happen. I have personally installed and used windows xp, vista, 7 and windows 8 operating systems and let me take this opportunity to tell you that windows xp is still among one of my favorites.

So what do you do when you need some official help from the Windows Xp Support Team ? You just cannot contact them. They are non existent officially.

Windows Xp , like any other operating system, sometimes, can get corrupted too. An easy way to repair this is by using the installation disk. Just run the installation disk, you get a few options like install, repair etc. just hit the repair button and you are good. All this is simple only if you have the Windows XP installation CD Disk. But what if you do not have it ??

So, the basic question arises as to ,

How To Repair Windows XP With No Installation CD Disk

Yes, this is possible. You can actually repair the windows xp operating system without any kind of installation disk.

So, lets see how to do it effectively !!!!!

Repair Windows Xp Without CD

  • First and foremost , open the run command. 
  • There are two ways of doing this. 
  1. Press Win +R ( Windows Button And R) to open the run dialogue box
  2. Or Click on  Start ----->Run
  • Once the run command dialogue box pops up type the following in the box and press enter

webfldrs xp run command

  • Once you follow the above step , another box opens up just like I have shown in the below image. This time it is the WebFldrs Xp Welcome Dialog Box. 
webfldrs Xp Welcome Dialog Box
  • Now, click on the Select Re install Tab as shown in the picture below
repair xp without cd
  • Once you do that, you will find another pop up box in front of you. If you know what error you should be actually be dealing with, then click that particular box. However, if you do not know it or do not understand anything what it says, then do not worry. Just tick all the boxes like the way I have shown in the below image and press the OK button.
repair xp without  installation cd

  • Now Hit the Re install Button to begin your work.
reinstall windows xp
  • Now, You will notice a progress bar running that will be doing its job. Just wait till it finishes. Please note that it may take some time depending on the number of boxes you have ticked earlier, and also upon your system configurations.
windows xp repair
  • Once it is completely finished, you will get a message that the install or repair, whatever, the case may be, has been successfully completed.Click Yes button
windows xp reinstall
  • Now, you will be asked to restart the system so that all the changes made to the Webfldrs Xp start taking effect. Click Ok button.
windows repair

The system will now be restarted and your windows xp would have been successfully repaired.

Will You Lose All Data If You Repair Windows Xp ? 

Do not worry. You are not going to lose any amount of data if you follow the above method. Only some system files are going to be repaired and all your files will be intact.

 Happy Repairing !!!

Do not hesitate to leave behind any comments in the comments box if you require any kind of help

Cheers !!!

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