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Monday, May 28, 2018

Dell Inspiron 15 5575 Review: Are Ryzen mobile chips better than Intel’s?

Dell in the recent years have been churning out some impeccable Budget Gaming Laptops. So, far they have all been powered by Intel. 

We already see that using AMD’s Ryzen mobile APU has made the Inspiron 15 5575 cheaper than its Intel based counterpart, however, Is it better?


This is review is of the Ryzen 2500U processor variant, another cheaper variant with 2200U Processor is available. 

So, the main question is whether Ryzen looses out on Intel’s performance?

Spoiler: It absolutely Doesn’t.

If you were looking for a good mid-range laptop, then read on this review of the Dell Inspiron 15 5575.

Design & Build:

Dell handled the design aspect with “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix” approach. It has a default design of the Inspiron series. But the Build quality and feel of the laptop is certainly more premium than its price tag lets on.

There is almost no body flex, the display doesn’t wobbles due to its strong hinges and keyboard flex is very little.

The body is made of quality plastic, it feels premium owing to the matte metallic finish.
User Upgradability factor is pretty good, the laptop is quiet easy to open. 
And the non-soldered RAM makes RAM upgrades possible, unlike its rival the Acer Swift 3(which also sports the Ryzen 5 chip) which has Soldered RAM.

The Inspiron 15 5575 sports a 15.6” 1920 ×1080p Display and weighs around 2.2 kgs.


The Inspiron 15 5575 boasts a 15.6” 1920×1080p Anti-glare LED backlit display, which is kind of the default panel of all Budget laptops in this range.
The anti-glare coating makes this panel stand out among plethora of similar specced panels of this range of laptops. This anti-glare coating makes visibility under bright-light source very prominent.

Overall, the display is good for its price being quite bright and vivid. But the only problem for all displays in this range is the average viewing angles.

Keyboard & Trackpad:

Dell is one such manufacturer, who usually doesn’t screw-up its Keyboards, and this laptop is no different in Keyboard quality.

The keyboard is quite ergonomic, with decent key-travel which gives a great tactile feedback. The key spacing is also perfect. And as mentioned before, there is little to no flex. The keyboard feels quite comfortable to type in.

The Trackpad is great too. It uses the Windows Precision Drivers which means you can use Windows 10 gestures to improve efficiency in workload.
The click buttons of the trackpad provides ample feedback and works like a charm.


Everything in this world is not without its faults and the Speakers of the Dell Inspiron 15 5575 is its biggest drawback. 

The speaker does get loud enough, but boy, does it crackles. 
And, the bottom-firing position adds to the woe.

An external portable speaker (be it Bluetooth, or wired) is must have with this speaker.

Connectivity & Ports:

The selection of ports is where Dell always excelled at unlike some other brands like *coughs* Apple. Dell has given most ports that would be required by the user.

There’s two USB Gen 3.1 ports, one USB 2.0, 1 HDMI, 1 Noble-lock, with a SD-card reader slot and An Optical Drive too.

Now, me being greedy, I do miss a USB-C port, but that can be forgiven in this price range.


There’s nothing special to say about the Webcam of this laptop. Its same as all the other laptops in this range.
The camera is 720p which will handle Video-calls at a respectable quality under Good-lighting conditions.

OS & Software:

For OS, this machine runs Windows 10 Home – Single Language 64 Bit.
But barring two, the Preloaded softwares it comes with is essentially junk. They are not at all necessary and should be removed ASAP.

Like, I said, there is only two software from Dell, which are good ---

  • Dell Mobile Connect- 
    This allows users to seamlessly connect their Smartphones to their laptops, kinda like how iMessages work in Macbook and iPhones.
    With the help of this, users can make and receive calls from the laptop, see notifications from smartphone, Mirror the screen of your phone on your laptop.
  • Dell Cinema Stream- 
    This allows you to focus your internet bandwidth to essential tasks, like Video-calls, Netflix and downloads; while giving the minimum network bandwidth to non-prioritized tasks.


The Ryzen 2500U really holds up well against intensive tasks. Everyday use is a breeze and gaming performance is quite well for an integrated graphics solution.

The Inspiron 15 5000 5575 ploughs through browsing (even with 10+ tabs opened).
It also can handle some photo-editing although video-editing slows down if you have a higher resolution video than 720p. It is a sin to expect an Integrated GPU to handle Video-editing. 

Now, lets come to the most important part. Gaming benchmarks.

  • Fortnite: Low 1280×720p FPS - Min – 75; Max-200; Avg- 137
  • PUBG: Low 1280×720p FPS - Min – 20; Max-35; Avg- 30
  • Rocket League: Med 1920×1080p FPS - Min – 43; Max-47; Avg- 45
  • Fifa 18: Low 1920×1080p FPS - Min – 84; Max-88; Avg- 85
  • Battlefield 1: Low 1280×720p FPS - Min – 47; Max-55; Avg- 50
  • CS: GO: Low 1280×720p FPS - Min – 79; Max-130; Avg- 108
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider 2013: Low 1280×720p FPS - Strangely capped at 30
  • COD: Infinite Warfare: Low 1280×720p FPS - Min – 30; Max-60; Avg- 45
  • Project Cars 2: Low 1280×720p FPS - Min – 28; Max-40; Avg- 33
  • Arkham Knight: Low 1280×720p FPS - Min – 30; Max-52; Avg- 43
  • GTA V: Med 1280×720p FPS - Min – 49; Max-65; Avg- 55

So, clearly from the benchmarks, we can conclude that the Inspiron 15 5000 5575 is a very capable 720p gaming machine and is an excellent choice for casual gamers.


Although, there is no thermal throttling issue, nor does one feel terribly warm while gaming on lap, the temperature does reaches up to 65°C on heavy gaming. However, this can hopefully be fixed by swapping out the thermal paste with something like Arctic MX-4.


Dell could have packed a more larger battery than the 42Whr one, which has average battery life.
On normal use the battery lasted between 3 to 4 Hours, but on heavy usage the numbers on the battery percentage bar dropped significantly quicker.


Excellent laptop for the price. A very potent choice for casual gamers.
The Ryzen 2500U offers great versatility and gives best of both worlds- i.e. Gaming & Productivity.
Buy it from here.

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