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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Top 7 Lightweight OS for old laptop/desktop PC. [Updated 2018]

Does your old PC/Laptop with lowend hardware feel slow on the latest version of Windows 10 or Mac OS?

Does your current machine has hardwares that are almost on the verge of being obsolete?

If you answered "Yes", then read on to find the perfect solution.

These light-weight OS will breathe new life in your laptop/Desktop PC due to their less-power hungry utilisiation of system resourses.

7. Xubuntu:

Xubuntu is a light and user-friendly OS. It comes with Xfce-- which is lightweight and easily configurable desktop envitoment.

It works perfectly for users who just want enough features for day-to-day use.
System Requirements

6. Peppermint OS:

A modern looking and sleek OS, using the Cinnamon desk manager and Nemo File Manager.
This is also fairly lightweight and can run on most old PCs (newer than 2010).
System Requirements

5. Phoenix OS:

With the death of Remic OS, Phoenix OS shot to the top of Android X-86 based OS list.
This spectacular OS brings the ease of use and amazing apps of Android on PC.

Playing Android games using this is mostly pleasant, but it doesn't work as well as we expected.

BIOS Configuration is required before installing this OS.
Phoenix has some issues with UEFI based BIOS and does need some configuration to get it to            work.
Read more. []
System Requirements

4. Xenial Pup:

One of the best distros based on Puppy Linux and one of the most Lightest OS ever.
At under 350 Mb, the iso file is one of the smallest there is.

Most of the Newer Puppy Linux Distros are created by Community Members.
So, Long Term Support and latest security patches and Driver Updates is not always available.
System Requirements

Download Xenial Pup.

3. CloudReady OS (Home Edition):

The best alternative to Google's Chrome OS and Chromium OS and best lightweight OS for systems from 2008 or newer.

Based on Google's open-source Chromium OS, CloudReady is a very capable OS for older Hardwares.

Dualboot is no longer supported as new updates of Windows 10 messes up CloudReady side of installation.
System Requirements

Download CloudReady.

2. Lubuntu: 

Lubuntu is a fast and light Linux Distro, based on Ubuntu but using LXDE desktop enviroment instead of Ubuntu's Unity Shell and GNOME desktop.

It is minimalistic, clean and superbly easy to use.
It is one of the best choice for running a less resource hungry OS without losing any features.
System Requirements

Download Lubuntu.

1. Linux Lite:

Perhaps, the best lightweight Linux Distro, there is.

Linux Lite is a fast, light-resource using and extremely user-friendly distro, based on Ubuntu and Debian with a customized Xfce Desktop Enviroment.
It is the best choice for people new to Linux.
System Requirements

Download Linux Lite.

Do you know anyone, who would appreciate this list for their system?
Well, then absolutely feel free to share this with them.

And make sure to comment Your favourite OS.

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