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Wow, You're really reading this... The story of a complete stranger, whose blog you might like.

Disclaimer: I suck at introducing myself, but still, I'd try... for you.

(I ain't photogenic. Don't judge. Totally have killer looks in real life.)
Hi, I am Abhirup Sengupta.

I am a 17 year old socially awkward teen, who has many insecurities and problems,
Tech is however not one of them and thus, I can really help you out a lot regarding this.
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I created AbhiReviews.com to help people with any tech related queries.
I mostly write about the tech that you might use in your day-to-day life.
Articles in this blog ranges from Gadget Reviews to PC build guides and software/ OS
optimization tricks and tips.

So, get subscribed and sit tight. And wait till you get the best helpful posts which has the
potential to help you in your Tech-based life.

Signing off,

Still reading? Well, I think you really like me. (That's what my weird self thinks.)
But even if you don't, follow me on Social Media to get to know my quirky side better.

Sorry,I am only active in Facebook, call me old-fashioned if you will.

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